lamp rewiring service

Vintage lamps can look absolutely fabulous, but there is normally one small problem- vintage electrical standards. Safety standards have developed considerably over the past few decades, and the majority of vintage lamps are simply way off the mark by today's standards. We have rewired hundreds of standard lamps for example, and have yet to come accross one which actually met modern standards.


Rewiring a lamp often appears to be a simple task, so many people attempt it themselves. This results in a whole range of interesting mistakes afflicting second hand lamps. Common issues include a lack of earthing, no cord grip, old unsleved pins on the plug, an incorrect fuse and figure of 8 single insulated cable.


With are vast stock of lampholders, cable and compontents, we are ideally placed to rewire any vintage lamp. All items are of course PAT tested for your peace of mind.


Please contact us, preferably with a picture of your lamp, and we would love to provide you with a quote.


Ordering and delivery

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