About us

We are proud to be a small local trader, offering high quality unique lamps, hand made to your exact requirements, at around the same price as the (anything but unique) mass produced items you'll find in your local superstore.


Original Lighting began when we bought an old Bunting bar fire to form a feature in the fireplace in our home. As a longstanding electronics enthusiast, this started many weeks of searching to try and find a way of converting it into a lamp. It was soon clear that no one had previously managed to convert bar fires in a way which retained their original beauty, so I set about developing a technique using LEDs. Once fully restored, the heater unexpectedly became the talking point of our home. I soon bought many more fires and gradually refined the restoration process.


The original idea quickly expanded to include pendant lamps and affordable industrial style lighting. Today we hand make a wide range of industrial style lights, from the funky chrome fire extinguisher lamp to the question mark wall light.


Ordering and delivery

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