Electrical Safety and quality

All of our bar fire lights operate from just 12 volts DC, using the supplied plug-in power supply. This allows us to create beautiful lamps from heaters, which due to the nature of their design, would be hazardous if connected to 240v mains electricity.


Safety is a key priority with vintage lamps, as many were made long before modern safety standards. In almost every case we replace the lampholder, flex and plug to ensure that it meets modern requirements. In some cases, it is simply not possible to bring the lamp up to modern safety standards, without ruining its appearance. These lamps were far to beautiful to remain mere objects, so we developed a conversion technique that allows them to run on perfectly safe 12 volts using the supplied power supply.


When it comes to electrical safety, we firmly believe that British is best. We only use high quality cables manufactured within the UK, which are purchased from one of the largest electrical distributors. Whilst many other UK companies use cheaper braided twisted flex from Europe, we only ever buy these cables from a specialist manufacturer in Ireland, who have been producing high specification cables since before we were born.


All electrical items are fully Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) tested, and come with a PAT label on the plug to certify that they have passed the relevant tests.


Ordering and delivery

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